Welcome to Accessibility First

Accessibility First is a collection of insights, learnings, and experiences from industry professionals to spread awareness and help you eradicate invisible barriers.

Breaking into accessibility can be overwhelming. It is a broad and always-evolving field. There is no simple checklist to make your products inclusive. Accessibility is about learning and developing empathy for life experiences different from your own. Developing empathy is our whole thing.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between designers, developers and testers by guiding them creating web content with accessibility in mind to make everyone aware of who actually is responsible for accessibility: we all are!

Our Vision

Interdisciplinary teams, working together to make their respective corners of the World Wide Web a pleasant experience for all users.

About Accessibility

Accessibility is a team effort. Every role contributes a part to the puzzle to build a good user experience.

We write articles about accessibility for the online and offline world, covering a wide range of areas. While Laura focuses on UX research and the physical world, Julia writes about web accessibility, accessibility for each member of development teams and the accessibility-first approach. Julia also translates the original articles, which are written in English, into German and Japanese.

UX Design

Learn about what it means to create accessible design, how to avoid common mistakes and what to keep in mind when creating a design experience for everyone.

Web Development

There are so many accessible in-build features already called semantic HTML already. So why not learn about all of them and use them in the right way?

QA Testing

There is much more than cross browser / device testing. Learn how to navigate a website using only the keyboard and how to get started with a screen reader.