We are available for motivational and informative speaking. We love to write about your event, create and share content on all major platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more.

You're also likely to find us attending local accessibility meetings, as well as local and international tech conferences.

Upcoming Events

  • Invisible Stigma and its influence on UX Research for Accessibility (Laura)

    September 12, 2024, Talk @#id24

  • Accessibility is not a checklist (Julia, Laura)

    September 20, 2024, Workshop @UXCon Vienna

  • Accessibility in React Application (Julia)

    October 25, 2024, Talk @reactjsday Verona

Past Events

  • How blind people navigate the world, on and offline (Julia, Laura)

    July 19, 2024, Workshop @WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024

  • Stop being cool, be accessible (Julia)

    July 17, 2024, Lightning Talk @WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024

  • Testing for Web Accessibility (Julia)

    July 16, 2024, Talk @Japan Test Community

  • Building for Everyone (Julia, Laura)

    July 06, 2024, Panel Discussion @GDG Mons Belgium

  • Web Accessibility (Laura)

    June 14, 2024, Workshop @Upleveled 2024

  • Getting started with designing for Web Accessibility (Julia)

    April 27, 2024, Talk @GDG Kwansai Osaka

  • How Can I Be a Part of the Solution to an Accessible World - An Engineering Approach (Laura)

    April 22, 2024, Workshop @Senses Hub Nairobi

  • Getting started with designing for Web Accessibility (Julia)

    April 20, 2024, Talk @GDG Shikoku

  • Getting started with designing for Web Accessibility (Julia)

    March 16, 2024, Talk @GDG Tokyo

  • What is accessibility in tech? (Julia)

    February 24, 2023, Discussion @50DaysOfSpaces

  • Die blinde User Experience bei Hope Tech Plus (Laura)

    January 11, 2024, Talk @Drive CX Breakfast

  • Digital Accessibility Meet Up (Laura)

    December 07, 2023, Panel Discussion @PWC Austria

  • Getting started with designing for Web Accessibility (Julia)

    December 01, 2023, Talk @GDE DevFest Calabar

  • How to keep up with tech knowledge output? Focus accessibility (Julia)

    November 28, 2023, Discussion @Girlcode Break Time

  • Devs need to learn more about accessibility, but how? (Julia)

    October 17, 2023, Discussion @SpaghettiSpaces

  • GAAD – Global Accessibility Awareness Day (Julia)

    May 18, 2023, Panel Discussion @Atos

  • Self-Learning to Start Your Coding Career (Julia)

    January 11, 2023, Discussion @CodeSmith

  • Human (soft) skills for developers (Julia)

    December 20, 2022, Talk

  • Myths & Misconception about Accessibility (Julia)

    September 13, 2022, Talk @Frontend Foxes

  • Who is responsible for accessibility? (Julia, Laura)

    June 08, 2022, Q&A @A1 Telekom

  • From Poker dealer to coder (Julia)

    April 04, 2022, Q&A @EddieJaoude