Accessibility First collaborates with UX Researcher Laura Wissiak

Julia Undeutsch
Julia Undeutsch

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Some paths should not be walked alone.

I’m excited to announce that Accessibility First welcomes a new face to its previously one-man team. When I started Accessibility First in the summer of 2022, my goal was to create content about accessibility, design, development, and testing to share with others and help them get started with accessibility in their field in a simple way.

With Laura on the team, readers will gain more insight into practical experiences with people with disabilities, accessibility issues in the real world, the architectural environment (not just the web world).

Laura is the resident UX researcher at Hope Tech Plus, a start-up that develops assistive tech for people with low vision. Her day job includes a lot of conversations with blind people, to assess their mobility needs and pain points.

Coming from a past as a UX designer with a special focus on web accessibility, Laura always loved talking about inclusive design. Now from her offline research, she has gained a new perspective on why the WCAG standards demand what they demand. And she is eager to share it with the Accessibility First community!