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Laura Wissiak
Laura Wissiak

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There are a lot of resources and events that can be hard to find outside the online accessibility bubble. Gatekeeping is the opposite of accessibility, which is why I send out (approximately) monthly newsletters about upcoming events in web accessibility.

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Gatekeeping is the exact opposite of accessibility!

There are a lot of resources and events about web accessibility, best practices, activism, and inclusion floating around in my online bubble. So I do what any person with a hyper fixation and internet access would do: I sign up for almost all of them. Whenever I thought it might be relevant for my friends’ jobs too, or maybe if it just fits right in with their interests, I would forward them the link à la “Hey this might be something for you!”

This is what motivated me to start this newsletter.

So many resources about accessibility are free, online, and accessible. I mean both in terms of availability as well as being as barrier-free as the organizers can do. (Because of course they are! Why would you make an event on accessibility inaccessible?

If you ever happen to find yourself in that position, you definitely didn’t understand the requirements correctly. Go stand in the corner and think about where your review and approval process messed up.) Instead of individually curating links for only my friends, I want to automation-manager-style optimize this and send out (approximately) monthly newsletters!

My newsletters will include upcoming events in web accessibility. Of course, for that to make sense (since I cannot know where all subscribers are based), I try to stick to free, online events held in English. But if I come across something really cool, I’ll make an exception and favor my fellow German-speaking and/or Vienna-based besties.

To make up for this bias, I will also include any timeless resources I come across. And trust me, there are a lot! Courses, certifications, and my personal favorite: influencers who blog about their disabilities and point out cool accessible things and unexpected inaccessible everyday experiences.

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