See you at uxcon vienna

Julia Undeutsch
Julia Undeutsch

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See you at uxcon Vienna 2024!

Workshop: Accessibility is not a checklist

Finally, the program of this years uxcon vienna is out. And we are part of it.

On the day 2 of the event, Friday, September 20th, we are going to hold a workshop about how to spot the most common accessibility bugs plaguing an assistive tech user’s journey and how to fix them.

Code can look intimidating, but it's often just one small part that's dirty and if re-written clean, automatically fixes a lot of issues. For designers, it's important to have the agency to call their devs out on dirty code, but to do so, we first must know the difference and more importantly, the benefits of clean code.

All participants are cordially invited to bring their website for us to test together!

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